Professional Development

Hritz Management Services conducts professional education sessions & develops tools and measurements for management and staff including, but not limited to, the following areas of interest:

  • Collecting From Patients: Customer service training with scripts & role playing.
  • Financial Counseling Skills: Implementing insurance verification; customer service training.
  • Getting Organized & Staying Organized: Developing organizational skills and streamlining procedures & processes.
  • Launching Patient Satisfaction Initiatives: Developing patient satisfaction surveys for online and/or manual use.
  • Managed Care 101: Provides the basic knowledge of managed care terms and how managed care affects physician practices and hospitals.
  • Managing Clinical Operations in the Ambulatory Setting: How operational assessments and time studies can improve patient flow and care.
  • Managing Managed Care: Developing tools such as participation grids, contract summaries and payment variance reporting to better understand the impact of managed care contracting.
  • Managing Self Pay: Implementing financial and charity care policies and procedures along with customer service training to improve self pay collections.
  • Managing Your Time Effectively: Training to help you better organize your day; learn how to prioritize and delegate duties and responsibilities effectively.
  • Revenue Cycle Key Metrics (KPIs): Identify and utilize key industry benchmarks to establish goals and measure success in your revenue cycle operations.

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